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    Finally got around for an ops ck

    A few months ago I put a jet kit and prok F/A's on my 98 GSXL white motor.

    Got it started and just when I get past the no wake zone she die's and I'm thinking I burned it up So I look down and I see the fuel is still off.... I know I'm a bonehead. So now she's back up and running and runs like it did before the air box recall like 10 years ago.

    Running 100 & 165 jets, 2.3 and oem spring, LS at 1&1/2 did have the HS at 1/4 but did a few runs and ran best with them closed. The accel pump are still hooked up so maybe a 90 or 95 low speed may be better. The off idle bogg is gone and it you go from idle to WOT rpm's jumps to over 6500 as the mph's trys to catch up. I see why a 15/20 is a good choice now.

    With some tuning maybe I can find some more speed but right now I'm happy with it. It was nice to chase down some lake birds and I could of reach out and grab a few but then they started pooping I guess to lightin their load for more speed too

    PS if you do a plug check out on the lake make sure you carry some spare plugs just in case you drop one.
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    90 Pilots would work's what I rejetted my XPL with last week. I'm running a milled head too, with 165 mains. Looks to be turning 7200...can't wait to see how the hull GPS's on glass.

    Your ski was fast with the stock prop on it, about 1.5 mph faster than a 98 & 99 GSXL.
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    I'll give the 90 a try too. Yeap my cheeks were flapping in the wind just like old times and I'm not talking about the ones you sit on

    Don't know if I'll do the head mod next or maybe just a 15/20 and leave it like that since it just for fun.

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