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    max. rod movement, up/down on crankshaft


    what is the maximum up and down movement of the connecting rod on the crankshaft anyone has had on a 2001, Polaris 700cc engine and it still ran OK? I have a 2001 Virage I'm getting ready to sell. I have the top end of the engine off to put in new pistons/rings and noticed the rear rod has .007 inch movement up/down on the crankshaft. The manual says .002 max. Do you think the extra movement will be OK? I hate to put $875 + 12 hours of labor buying and installing a SBT short block in a ski that will be lucky to sell for $2,000. Please tell me your experiences of extra rod movement on the crank.

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    I think Jeff at Midwest Crankshaft 920-434-3630 has been used by a number of folks on here, if you are willing to remove, ship, then re-install the rebuilt crankshaft. Less cost than an SBT motor.

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    I'd definitely install a good rebuilt crank in the engine before I used an SBT turd.

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    let me think Rear cylinder ?If you were going to keep it ,OK .If not ask yourself this .Would you be happy to buy something that was possibly ready to crap itself ?I suggest you fix it ,sell it with peice of mind ,not with the fear of a peice of wood entering your mind by someone who is not happy at buying some crud off you .It does happen .


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