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    NYS Consumer Protection Board 250x GIO

    OK.. I know I am beating this to death...and I plan to install my crank case vent kit soon...

    But I just came along this site for New York State Consumer Protection Board.

    I am sure every state has one.. I am going to file a complaint to them and see what happens.

    I will let you guys know if I have any luck.

    Maybe the this will get Kawasaki to notice the GIO problem ...

    I love my 250x, just wish I didn't need to change the oil so much.. and hope now long term problems have occured so far..

    Ok. That's it...

    Thanks guys ...

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    What other methods to resolve have you tried?

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    forgot to add the link

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    I've called kawasaki numerous times, always been told to just go to my dealer.., and that they haven't heard of the problem

    THe dealer could never give me an answer or fix...
    I was acutally told ride it till it breaks....

    I told them I would ruin the ski if i change the oil as per owner manuel. etc.. with all the gas in the oil... etc...

    Like I said i feel like we will never get a fix from Kawai ..

    Just looking to see if they will look into or give us a refund for oil or the vent kit.

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    are having 07 or 08 model?

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    Most state AGs (Consumer Protection Division) would acknowledge receipt of your complaint, forward it on to Kawi, and request a response, say within 30 days. Kawis response should be public record. If youre going to do this you need to write a good letter of complaint with good supporting documentation. Id like to see a copy of Kawi's response. If Kawi writes a good rebuttal, that may be the end of it. But if Kawi fails to timely respond, or rebuttal is weak, result may be different. Too bad about the dealer in your case, you often need their help.

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