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    No fuel to the carbs??? IT'S ALIVE!!!

    Hey ya'll
    I don't have any fuel to the carbs. So far I checked:
    Both main and reserve fuel lines for obstruction
    supply line to the carb for obstruction
    fuel filter
    pulse line for obstruction
    took apart fuel pump and see no obvious problem
    diaghrams do not leak if vaccum is applied
    If I disconect fuel line from carb I get a slight trickle out of pump when cranked over
    checked to make sure restrictor was in place
    Any ideas would be a great help to me, I don't know where to go from here.
    Thanks, Greg
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    Tank vent? This needs to be clear too. Try it w/ the fuel cap off.

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    starter only turns at 250-300 rpm so low flow\

    What are your compression readings?

    is the fuel seperator full?

    Are you getting spark

    Will it start if you spray fuel into the carbs?

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    Just adding to the above. Weak pulse signal? Poor compression or leaky reed valves?

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    The compression is:
    It will run if I prime the carbs but only until that fuel is gone. I also applied 15 lbs. of pressure to the tank with my compressor. Still no dice.

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    What year and make of ski?
    Some had an autocock that needs to be removed per Polaris bulletin.
    Some have fuel hoses inside the fuel tank that rot off.
    Have you verified correct hose routing to the fuel pump? Maybe the pulse line is on the wrong fitting? Can we get pics?
    Have you cleaned the carb internal filters and passages?

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    It's a 95 SLT

    I had the tank out. I pulled the engine to replace the Stator. The guy I bought it from melted the wiring harness and just rigged it back together. I replaced the stator and wiring harness as one. The fuel line all look good. They are all solid and this ski does not have that valve that Polaris says to remove. He put an electric pump on it and got it to run so I guess the carbs were not plugged. Here are some pics, all the clamps are loose but I just threw it together to show how its hooked up.
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    Is The Petcock At The On Position Huh? Obstructed? Pressurize It Again And See How Far Down The Fuel Trail/hoses It Reaches. Pulse Line To Pump Connected Huh?

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    If I disconnect the fuel line from the carb fuel rail and pressurize the tank fuel comes out of the pump outlet.

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    Electric fuel pump

    Can I just run an electric pump as long as I use a waterproof switch. Have any of you ever done this? I imagine the new injected engines have to have an electric pump since much higher pressure is required.

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