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    Fercho's Finally Installed

    I got everything installed and took her out this morning to check for leaks and what not..... The hose that runs from the bottom of the pipe and overboard, is it supposed to be coming out with some pretty good pressure?? And also should I get water out of the side exits when flushing???

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    Probably won't get any water out the side exits when running on the hose. I never did. If it does it will be a trickle. Most of the water blows out backwards through the pump strainer Your flush kit tee's into the waterline there is no one way valve to keep it from going out the pump. It does get enough to cool it though.

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    I get a full stream?? Does that mean something is wrong???

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    A full stream from where?

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    When i would run my stock ski on the hose it would come out of both side pissers at a full stream. no jetworks/flow control mod

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    I have ferchos method installed and when on the hose my ski pisses out both side pissers and the back jetworks pisser

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    Tahnks...... Another......

    OK thanks guys.... I was going NUTS!!!!! How many washers are you guys running to get the most out of the jet works?? My ski is stock except for free flow, EFI, and Ferchos

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