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    pulling tube with stage 1 or higher

    any problems with this i want to mod my ski up to a stage 2 but really dont want to do anything thats gunna cause problems with pulling skiers cause going to be doing alot of that with this ski?

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    Biggest problem will be dislocated shoulders.

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    yea i think my brother a little scared cause he use to tubbin at 35 mph so wonder if i can get up to 65 with him on the back

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldierpage View Post
    yea i think my brother a little scared cause he use to tubbin at 35 mph so wonder if i can get up to 65 with him on the back

    You will spray him with the water out of your pump and it hurts like hell!

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    sweet sounds like fun guess i will wait till after he rides to tell him about the spray

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    Seriously, be very careful tubing with a RXP/T ... the holeshot is WAY better than ANY boat, AND you can turn way sharper than any boat. You can hurt someone badly without even trying ... be careful pulling skiers or tubers with a fast ski.

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    I very careful pulling tubes behind your ski.A tube is designed to be pulled at roughly 20-25 mph.A fall at any speed can be dangerous because of the rope,but anything over that is extremely dangerous.
    Be careful out there,we get enough bad press as it is.

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    I pulled tubers behind my RXP last summer and it's not a big deal. Just use your brain and be smart. If you try to accelerate to hard you'll just spin the prop. Gunning it with a tuber is just stupid. Puts stress on the eyelit where you tie the rope, puts stress on the eyelet of the tube and can hurt your tuber if they're not expecting it. Also you cant go over 25mph with 50ft of rope because they will be getting jetwash in the face even trimmed all the way down. And like was mentioned earlier just dont turn too sharp either, you crack the whip and it jars the shit out of the ski and miss directs you (pulls you out of the turn) and hurts the tuber.

    Again, just be smart and obey your local tubing laws and you'll be fine.

    Also your RPM will shoot way up while trying to get on plane compared to normal...just ease thru it.

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    ummm, i have seen a tube torn apart behind a GTX, the casing ripped out from the innertube.
    the "tubee" got all twisted up and was limping for days....
    not fun. i wouldnt tube behind a ski.
    gotta keep teh speeds down so low the ski is barely on plane, to hard to keep the ski slow enough.

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    20 to 25 mph wtf!!! my granny tubes at that speed i got a little four cyclinder bayliner that does 35 and ill have it to the floor pulling my brother with no problems i cant tube because of back problems but shure will beat tha brother and his friends up i wonder if it would be better on the seadoo to run the learner key while pulling any suggestions on that?

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