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    Help with 97' Sportster

    Hello friends. It's my first time here and I need help with a very strange problem in my boat.

    At the end of the last summer, I felt that the boat had no power. It was like it was run out of fuel or similar but the fuel tank was full. I started looking for the failure but the only thing I saw was the stick of the oil pump was always at the top (because the throttle wire was a bit slack) so I thought cylinders were full of oil and the mixture was bad to run. The spark plugs were a bit black so I decided to replace them and fix the throttle wire but the problem still remains.

    It's weird. Sometimes the boat runs quick but 30 seconds after it starts failing and doesn't run at all. And so on. It's ok at idle speed but when you move the throttle up the boat starts dying but the engine keeps on idle speed. I don't know what to do.

    I realize, as well, the MPEM sometimes beeps and sometimes doesn't. I have been testing the boat these days and the beep is ok but the engine doesn't work properly.

    Any idea about the failure? I've tried two pairs of spark plugs, but nothing happens.

    Please help.I don't know what to check. Maybe some electrical reason??

    Thanks a lot, friends. Greetings from Spain.

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    Bad fuel

    and dirty carbs. I would suspect the fuel system. Clean and rebuild carbs,
    replace inline filters. Good Luck!

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