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Thread: Bilge Pump Fuse

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    Bilge Pump Fuse

    I have had my 2004 Sportster for about a month and the bilge pump does not work. Luckily I have no leaks so I havent yet needed it. The problem is that the fuse on the switch on the dash keeps blowing.

    The 3-amp fuse is located in the fuse panel behind the dash that you access under the storage compartment. Everytime I replace the fuse it blows again as soon as I turn on the switch. Any thoughts on what may be wrong?

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    It is possible you got corrosion on the wire connectors, loose terminal, or something going bad with the bilge pump itself making it draw more current than the fuse would permit to, check all of these first.
    Your bilge pump might also be seized or burnt.

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