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    I Have A 2004 Rxp. I Was Trying To Take Off My Intake Grate, But Bolts At The Rear Of The Ski Keeps Slipping. How Do I Remove These!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Skid, when you say 'slipping" do you mean the bolts are spinning but not backing out of the threads?
    if thats the case that means the brass inserts are spinning IMO

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    If there slipping that means the insterts got lose. Take whatever bolts u can out then pull. The insterts will slide out and youll have to epoxy them back in or installed the [email protected] girdle kit.

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    yea, what he said and on the next ski, use a heavy-duty soldering iron on the head of the bolts to heat the locktight back to liquid and then remove the bolt

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