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    Help, plastic tube stuck in intake

    I know this sounds strange. When I was spraying sea-doo lube into the injector holes for winterizing, the plastic tube blew off into the cylinder head. I was able to get my clamp on the tube but unforntuneatly the tube popped off. Now I can find the tube. I took off the spark plug to see if it was there but no luck.
    It seems strange to me that it could have made it under the valves into the cylinder. The only other thing I could think of is that the tube went into the intake. Does this seem possible?
    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    get yourself a cheap borescope and start looking

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    dude that is not good, do you have an angled mirror you can search around under the engine with, etc???
    you gotta find it.

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    Pull the intake and start looking.

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    depends which cylinder it was, depends at what degrees the engine is at right now, depends if the intake valves on that cylinder are open or not...

    i would start by taking the intake manifold off... look in the intake post around the valve face areas.. if no sign of it, then look inside the intake manifold... if you have a 215HP engine, then take out the stock intercooler and look... if you have a 155 or 185 or 255HP engine then keep rotating the manifold upside down bc the flame arrestor is gonna be blocking the tube from being visible.

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    Thanks for responding,

    I have a 04 RXP and it is the last cylinder towards the back. If I take off the intake manifold, do I need to get any gaskets? Also, is it possible to move the manifold from the head by removing the 7 or 8 screws?


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    did you ever get it out?

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    I have not found the tube. Last week I pulled the intake from the head. The tube is not anywhere to be seen. I am ready to pull the intercooler off. I read on the riva website how to pull the intercooler, any tips I should know before I do this?

    Thank You.

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