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Thread: Jerz Water Temp

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    Jerz Water Temp

    At what temps are considered bearable for the non-wetsuit wearing crowd?
    What are the Jerz water temps now and at what rate does history say they will increase?

    I'm just trying to get an idea of when I can go out for more than 20 minutes without freezing in the Bay.

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    To Me Good Riding Is 75deg And Over, If You Are Going To Be Getting Wet Than I Like The Water To Be Over 80

    Just My Opinion!!

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    The water temp right now in the bay is about 50-55 degrees. It would be a cold ride without a wetsuit right now... Probably not recommended.

    Now, pick up an inexpensive suit, set of booties and gloves and the water isn't so bad on a 70 degree day with the sun out.

    Usually we ride late in the season when the air temps drop to high 50's or so, but the water temp is considerably warmer too.

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