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Thread: only 2 in uk

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    Smile only 2 in uk

    if anyone in uk interested theres only 2 coming and there going for £17657. dollars thats $34883

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    Are these the race models? Is this inclusive of VAT & a trailer? What is the warranty? Are you an official dealer? And when wil they be available?

    Sorry for all the questions and yes i am interested.


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    me too....where when how?????

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    Domain name forsale, dealer might be intrested!

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    it comes with a trailer thats including vat there is only one left because i bought one already if your desperate phone +44 (0)7967 723348 and ask if theres any left sorry about the delay i wus on holiday its a case of who is the fastest to ring up

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    There,s a few more than two(race editions)...coming into the uk...according to one of the two official dealers here..for the first batch I know of four that have been pre ordered and deposits paid....!!!!!

    The dealer himself tells me that the build dates are for some time in Sept, and delivery to uk Oct this year....

    As i,m one of the four who has paid the deposit I WILL be keeping a very close eye on things and will post as soon as i know anything......

    As for performance lets just wait and see.....but before we find out someone had to take the leap and shell out...because without the deposits the dealer won,t place the orders, for such an expensive craft..

    Oh well in for a penny in for a pound..... lets wait and see ....

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