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    Zxi Info Needed!!

    Hey Everyone,

    I have asked many times about my 96' zxi and what to do with it. We bought a pair of 900 zxis last year and rode em for one season and decided to over haul them this winter. They are now sanded, primed, and ready for paint. Putting on all new mats, bumpers, and trim pieces. We got new(er) pumps, a solas kf-sc-x impeller, and looking to get a few more add ons. This is what im looking to get next before the season gets here. Please give me any input with experiences and ideas on what to do. Water conditions are mainly on a river with average rough conditions.

    Aquvein or Worx intake grate? Or should I just cut the center bar out and keep the stock one?

    Ride plate?? R&D or has anyone heard of the Shred Master rideplate?

    Sponsons? Looking to get the Aggresser Sponsons, anything better out there?

    Any other performance parts recommended??

    Thanks for the input, hope to hear from you all soon

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    For the 900, you cant go wrong with a Nujet impeller.
    Best performing ride plates were the Evolution Marine (Hard to find)
    and the R&D.


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    Not trying to hurt your feelings but I wouldn't waste the money in a ZXI hull and especially performance parts on one. I have had one and by the time you dump money into one, which I have, you could have sold yours and put the money you sold yours for and put whatever money you would have paid in performance upgrades in your ZXI into another ski that would just kill it completely all around. For instance, I would sell my STXR for $4,000 and am willing to on a practically new double trailer. You could probably get $2500 or more for your ZXI then buy a ski like my STXR that your 900 ZXI would never run with and my STXR has already got a thousand dollars worth of handling mods on it, Beach House sponsons, UMI bars with ODI grips, Skat impeller, R&D plate, modded intake grate. I'm just giving you an example. Just ride and enjoy your ZXI's or sell them and upgrade if you want more, my opinion.

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    interesting you say Evolution marine ride plate for zxi/stx hull's...

    Which I happen to have ..good plate no porpoiseing...topend gain...

    Good's for sale

    ANyway ZXI arew fun ski's ....will they keep with a but parts are dirt cheap for them as a stxr you cant find crap for them cheap at all or parts for that least most of the time. If one does come around if your not first inline you out. It's gone...

    ANyway have fun with the ski

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