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    Starting Point on Carbs for Premix

    I have a SLT 750 that I just converted to premix and I have replaced the carbs with another set that is the same and I was wondering where a good starting point for carbs would be since I am using premix and I have no idea if the carbs were set correctly to begin with. I have performed numerous searches on here trying to find this information but everything that I did find was for the oil injected set up.

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    Stock is:

    Lows 1/2 turn

    Highs Mag 1 turn
    Cen 1/2 turn
    PTO 3/4 turn

    Start off by turning them all the way in. Then move them out to the desired setting. For premix, I beleive that they are running 1/8 to 1/4 turn more than stock.

    Of course after this, you need to fine tune it to your specific ski. Every one is just a little different.

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    to be them 1/3 generous............

    then you can read wash and plugs to dial them in just right.....!

    probably/most likely ending up with 1/4 to 1/8 more

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    Thanks guys I appreciate it.

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