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    Winterizing Seadoo with a Merc?

    Does anyone know what all is done when a dealer winterizes a seadoo boat(Islandia) that has a mercury motor? My buddy had his winterized last season but isn't really wanting to take it back to them to de-winterize if he doesn't have to. Thanks for any help.

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    depends what model it has in it... carbed or EFI? 210? 240? 250?

    at winterization they should be fogging it fuel filter water separator and spark plugs (that are espensive) .. some of the above depends on what merc he's got in it

    lets be honest tho... de-winterizing is nothing more than take the cover off, hose her down and make it pretty and start it up on the hose and let it run for awhile and call the customer back and say, it's READYYY

    find his winterization bill.. look at the parts list see if the change out any filters or did the spark plugs already or not

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    Thanks Shibby. It's an EFI boat but not sure which hp. I think 240. I'll try and find his receipt and check it out. I didn't want him to have to waist a couple hundred bucks on the de-winterizing gimmick.

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    If i remember right, my friend's Utopia 240 EFI (carb) they did:

    -Changed the gearbox oil
    (90 degree gearbox under engine to jet pump)
    -Remove the fuel filter#water separator, add 50% of fuel stabiliser and 50% of 2 stroke oil, and re-install it filled like that.
    -Started it until it smoked out like a pig (fogging it)
    -Flushed it with antifreeze to prevent freezing of water passage ways
    -Put fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank also.

    That's about it, i is very simple....hook it on a water garden hose.....start the engine, run the water in the hose, let it idle a bit, then some quick blast of WOT....close the water, stop the engine....maybe charge the battery, and done...!!!

    Hope this help...
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    they mix up some fuel with like 20 to 1 oil, some fuel stabil and run it through the engine by disconecting the fuel line at the lift pump until it chugs out heaps os smoke.
    you should never give your merc s/d big revs out of the water, the gears don't like it

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