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    Docking Uncontrollable

    When starting the boat at the dock in neutral ,it will either pull foward hard or turn into the dock if the steering is cocked alittle. Also when I come in I have to really play with it in neutral to reverse to creep foward my Idle is at 1800 to 1750 ,can I lower the IDLE alittle would it help or does something else have to be adjusted ? I had a 15ft challenger and I use to ace it ,now I feel like a probey and it doesnt lok good that I captain a casino boat ,but I cant dock this thing .PS I only have 4hrs on the boat.

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    All the jetdrives do that, you will learn to start it only when your ready to go and that the wheel is straight(ish), in time you will get comfortable with the process but it takes practice. When docking get used to using reverse alot to slow you down, and dont worry about damaging any transmision parts because there isnt one, just a shovel that you are lifting up and down.

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    Like I said in the other post forget about the shifter detentes and find the sweet spot between forward and reverse that makes you comfortable. Like the above poster stated the wheel has to be straight on start up. Try this, go out and put it in neutral and make the boat stop or come close to stopping now turn the wheel and experiment. I would practice upside a marker or empty protected dock.

    One of the things we used to say to folks learning how to dock with a Stern drive "Neutral is your friend" Not always the case with a Jet drive! Picture it this way you have a Garden Hose turned on and you want to control the flow with your thumb By moving it across the stream kind of the same thing with the Forward/Reverse lever.

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    As always thanks for the advice.

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    my pet peeve is either after having made a beautiful and controlled low speed approach and dock or meeting up with a downed skiier and you kill the engine and the boat then starts to rotate and screw your docking or drift you over the ski rope.


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