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    Spraying down the motor?

    Should I spray the motor every time I go out ,or only when I take on water ? then do I spray when it dries the lube all over it ,can it hurt anything? thankyou.

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    I would personally spray the motor down with fresh water after you ride everytime. Then apply a silicone lubricant to everything.
    Especially if you are in an area where there is saltwater or brackish mix.

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    So I bought the seadoo XPS anti corrisive spray , So do I wait until the motor is dry or just spray it and do I douce the hole thing ,is there a point of over saturating it ?

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    My mechanic told me to soak it down with xps lube. I have been doing that since september and no probs with my boat. I even spray the intake grate(and the metal rod that's down there forgot the name of that thing) and the rear of the boat to get those metal parts lubed.

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    It's best to rinse off the engine with frsh water and use a spray bottle to proay soapy water mix on things that got wet and in the bilge to keep it clean. I use dishwashing liquid soap in a bottle with water. Rinse with light water pressure and wipe off as much as you can. If motor is still warm, you should leave the hatch open and let it dry out as much as possible, then spray down the engine. You can spray it wehn it 's wet, the XPS has a water dispersing agent in it, but every now and then, wait unti lit is totally dry in there and really spray down everything with that stuff that looks like it could corrode.

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    Thanks guys

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