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    99 SLTH problems

    Hvae a 99 SLTH 700. It's having a problem coming out of the hole, if you puch the throttle or get on i easy, it is still having the problem, just stay on the throttle and it gets going but takes a little bit. Out of the water it seems ok unless it idles for about 3-5 mins, then punch it, and it bogs down then evens out. Lots of smoke when this happens, and the grass below it is black real bad, the inside of the exhuast pipe is soaking wet. Went through carbs, they all appear to be ok. MFD is broken, screen is fried. I've seen some things about if the screen is bad and you are low on fuel, it can have some problems. Do my problems seem to fit them, if so, how can I bypass or test it. Have not checked the reeds yet. Put new plugs in, old ones were very black. Low idle screws are at 1 7/8 and have been fine tuned. Any help would be great. Also ran it with the seat off today out of water and still did it.



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    whats the complete service history of it for the past 2 years huh?

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    Hey Steve,Welcome to Green Hulk.
    It' not good to run it for 5 minutes out of the water,it has to be in water to cool the engine.These engines don't hold any water to cool it,it will overheat.

    The 99 SLTH does not use any RPM limiter,so it's not in limp mode.
    It's possible that the MFD being bad may effect how it runs,unplug it from the back,to eliminate it.

    Plugs will be black running out of water. You need to do a compression test,any auto parts store will sell a compression guage.When you check compression leave the fuel off-hold throttle wide open when cranking the engine. Post your results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casey67 View Post
    ...It' not good to run it for 5 minutes out of the water,it has to be in water to cool the engine.These engines don't hold any water to cool it,it will overheat...
    Excessive running time out of the water will also overheat the through hull bearing (especially if it has not been greased recently), and also can overheat the jet pump stator bearings.

    Both depend on water immersion for cooling.

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