Lifesavers rescue kite surfer

April 17, 2008

STRANDED almost 2km out to sea, all Kilian Zubke could do was sit tight and wait for help.
The German backpacker had run into trouble on Tuesday afternoon when he was kitesurfing off Park Beach.
The 21-year-old, who fell in love with the sport three years ago, had been having a ball for a couple of hours after latching onto a strong southerly wind.
He was on his way back to shore when the breeze suddenly dropped. Kilian's kite fell into the water, and he followed suit.
Coffs Harbour City Council lifeguards had been watching him for most of the afternoon and were winding up their patrol in front of the clubhouse when they saw him in trouble.
Lifeguard Charmaine Gale paddled out to the tourist, and she was backed up by Alistair Lane on a jetski.
They discovered that even if he had wanted to, Kilian wouldn't have been able to swim back to shore, because the ropes of his stricken kite had become wrapped around his legs.
He had also lost his beloved $1000 board.
They brought a thankful Kilian back to shore, leaving him to sort out the tangled mess his kite was now in.
Kilian had only been in Coffs Harbour for two days leading up to the mishap. He is urging anyone who finds his board to contact him by email: [email protected]