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    too cold for hondas

    Hi there i have a question for you techies out there,I have been told that honda r12x skis are not designed to run in cold weather here in Scotland and it causes the skis to overfuel and dump petrol into the crankcases also that they dont like salt water which causes major problems with the turbos. What are your thoughts on this and do you see a problem for me.

    Many thanks again Stevie.

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    The Hondas do run cold, but the fuel dilution issue is due to the oil bubbler type emissions system on the crankcase vent.
    The corrosion issue is the exterior to the turbo, which is easily solved by a coat of CRC after riding in salt.
    The Hondas do need to be flushed after riding in salt.....
    just like all PWC.

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    My Brother Rides His Hondas In Salt Water Sometimes, And I Have Found That The Best Thing To Do When You Ride In Salt Is Plan To Ride In Some Fresh Water On The Way Home. Even If It Is Just For 10 Minitus I Think All Moving Parts Get Rinsed Better This Way, And More Water Run Through The Cooling System The Better.

    This Is Of Corse In Addition To A Through Washing Inside And Out When Home.

    Dont Know About The Cold, But Have Rode In The Coldest Weater Fl Has To Offer.

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    Stevie, I've ran my 2004 R12x for 200hrs in the north sea and solent, ride all year and never had any problems in winter or summer.


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    I had mine out in cold weather over the winter. You just have to winterize it after you use it with some R/V antifreeze to keep block and intercooler from freezing.

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    On PWCTV they were running a few Honda's during their wintershow in Alaska. Riding around chunks of ICE in the water. I think it would be fine. Move to California.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRINJAX View Post
    The Hondas do run cold, but the fuel dilution issue is due to the oil bubbler type emissions system on the crankcase vent.
    Hey JR, what are you referring to here. Mine is a 2002 and vents from the oil tank to the air box. Are the newer ones or the R's vented different?

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    All year Honda's vent from the oil tank to the valve cover. This is for emission's reasons and could also contribute to the diluting of the oil.


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