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    Cool na to supercharged ecu

    does anybody know it you can use a supercharged ecu on a na app im having rev limiter issues all the mods i have have increased the rpm to the point im topin outdue to the factor rev limiter any sugestions

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    I would think it would work as long as you switch over to the SC 2.5 bar MAP sensor also.

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    yea cause the supercharged ecu is boost sensative right

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    The SC ECU is a basic Speed Density EFI system. If you install the SC ECU with the NA 1 bar MAP sensor, the sensor will read full voltage (5 volts) when you are full throttle. The ECU will mistake this for 22 psi boost and send enough fuel for 22 psi boost, which will make it run overly rich. If you install the SC ECU and matching 2.5 bar MAP sensor, it will simply think it's the supercharged engine running at light load and the A/F ratio will be correct.

    I almost forgot that you'll need to run the matching 39 lb/hr injectors too. It may be worth while to check and makes sure the NA boat runs 58 psi fuel pressure also.


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    oh i got ya anybody out there got any factory stuff thay thy want to sell so i dont haveto buy all new parts for this conversion??????

    i guess all i basically need is an ecu and the injectors i can go buy a new map sensor from the dealer
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