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    Sealing intake grate

    I will be reinstalling my intake grate this afternoon and was wondering what type of silicone people are using?
    How long should you let it dry before taking a ride?
    Do you apply the silicone to the sufaces of the intake grate or to the
    areas where the grate fits against the ski?

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    I used a auto grade RTV grade silicone , and would leave it atleast over night if you can 24 hrs to allow full curing.

    thats all I got to give beags


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    I would think as long as it is 100% silicone it would work. I am going to do mine when i get my pump shoe seal kit and am plan on using the stuff from lowes that is in a big tube that you have to use in a caulk gun. Just smooth it out good and dont leave any stick out anywhere for water to grab onto.

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    Are you installing a pump shoe seal kit? either way, this is what i did, and a few things not to do.

    If you are installing the seal kit, do not put silicone before you insert the seal kit. It causes it to be to proud and it's a tight fit and will not squeeze out well. If not using the seal kit fill those areas with lots of silcone to void any air space.

    When your ready, use a floor jack to put pressure on the grate to squeeze out the excess silcione. Actually lifting the back of the ski so the pressure is all on the grate. If you try to just use the bolts to squeeze the excess silcone you may break a bolt as i did the first time. pulling it back off after everthing is full of silcone is a bitch.
    The faster you do it the better it will squeeze out. Tighten the bolts a little on each one so it squeezes evenly.

    If your pump is removed, it will be easier to wipe the excess from the seams on the top side. If not, use something lond a flexible to reach up through the grate to wipe it. scrape or wipe all the excess off the hull you can, the little remain residue can be wiped with acetone or laquer thinner.

    When smoothing the seams, good old spit on the finger works best without pushing to hard. lots of paper towels are good to have ready. I used 100% GE silcone.

    hope this helps,


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