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    She falls on her face...

    I have a 95 SLT that I just got running. It seems to idle fine and rev up fine to a certain point and then it just goes flat. I can't get it to clean up on the top end at all. It seems as though it falls off just as it's about to hit the power band. I can also see a flash of fire in the carb when I rev it up and hold it there for a second. I just replaced the stator and set the timing mark where the old one was set at. Any ideas?

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    Reeds. Dirty carbs/fuel system.

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    logic: only way to see fire in the carb is if the intake port is open to the reeds when spark goes off!!! so either timing is off, or crank is racked.

    Falls on face to me would mean not enough fuel. So bad fuel pump, or dirty carbs, or not enough jet on high if modded

    I would start with crank index test, then pull carbs and reed rail and replace reed and clean carbs

    like he said

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    crank index test?

    Whats the crank index test?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabmaster911 View Post
    Whats the crank index test?
    Advanced Search is your best friend on Green Hulk.
    Search first, read lots, then ask.

    Crank Index
    How to check

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