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    stage 2 question

    guy, tested today a stage 2 set up on an 05 RXT...

    performance Mods are: 3 inch front air intake, S3 charger, Riva IC, 42lb injectors, Gh shorty box thru hull
    the ski also has the RE block offs, riva intake grate, and wedge

    the prop is the 15/20r

    When you pin it out of the hole, the ski jumps right out, its awesome...

    My question, I did multiple speed runs 3 up river 3 down... the three up were dead on 71.5 at 8100 and the 3 down river were 75.5 (this is gps) at 8100.

    Keep in mind, the river current played a huge role; water was about4-5 higher than normal...but my concern is the rpm's... Im not hearing or feeling it bang the limiter, but is it a real possibility i was on the rev limiter? Im concerned that Im on it and not realizing it.

    The next chance i get i think im going to check the exhaust manifold, but im curious if there any sure fire ways to make sure Im not on it...

    Thanks in advance guys...

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    Great #'s for a RXT, good luck with it

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    at a solid 8100 RPM's you are not on the limiter

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