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    help me anticipate rpm with rude

    hey guys i have a rude charger on the way here are my mods.

    before the rude and rrfpr i was usually around 7850 in salt water during the summer. about 8000 in fresh water.

    04 rxp
    intercooler w/ aluminum piping, bov
    thru hull
    shorty box, no baffles (loud)
    4" front intake
    RE plates
    solas 15/20r (i think its 3blade) stock pitch
    2 degree pump wedge, vts rod extension
    rude rrfpr

    i dont have the riva ecu yet and im wondering what kinda rpm im gonna be turning. would it be better to get ahold of a different prop or bend mine?
    eventuall i will get the pump rings so i can adjust it when im in fresh water (200rpm or so).

    let me know what you guys think. i know its kinda hard to predict but we will see..

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    with the standard ecu you'll see 8200 which will be on the limmiter, to be just off the limmiter you'll have to bend the prop till you see 8150rpms

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoostedH23a1 View Post
    would it be better to get ahold of a different prop or bend mine?
    without a doubt you will have to add 2.5mm to 3mm pitch to the trailing edge and that is using the 81mm ring.

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    jerry its right

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