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    power valve making me crazy

    I have and 01 gp1200r that I just finished a new top end on. Oil lines came loose. I bought it this way. I found that the pulley on the servo motor was 180 out. I fixed this and now the servo motor works sometimes. I performed the test as described in the manual and it seems to pass. The motor cycles when power is put to it. it does not cycle when the start button is bumped. sometimes it responds when the throttle is bumped and sometimes not. sometimes it performs cleaning cycle when shut down sometimes not. it doesnt work much just sometimes. i thought it was a bad connection so I bypassed the coupler with no improvement or change. I think the motor was damaged when the pulley was installed improperly. what do you guys think

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    You can pick one up used for 75-100. I would buy another and give it a try.

    Be sure the valves are not sticking though. Did you pull the cover on the front of the motor to make sure all the cables were good ?

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    sometimes the three prong connector near the PV motor gets corroded and causes issues.

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    I tried cleaning the connectors and using dielectric grease, I even revomved the connectors altogether. the power valves are all new with the top end work. waveater stuff used. I will try another motor I do not think the cdi is bad

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    Take the motor out and open it up. You will most likely find corrosion on the circuit board where the 12v wire connects. PV motors are notorious for this because they are not sealed from the factory - there's a gaping hole where the wiring harness goes in.

    I had problem after problem with PV motors and finally went gas valves. After spending hundreds on used motors I felt it was justified...

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    I did open up the servo motor and yes where the three wires are soldered to the board there was crud. Seems that even condensation woud puddle here since it is the bottom of the motor. I wonder if xlt have this same problem. I think the motor is mounted differintly. mabe I can make a mount. I just bought new valves and the waveater stuff or I would go gas valves. mabe next winter. I hope the new used motor works for the summer and does not have the same problem. I wounder if spraying the board with water proofing would do any good. good call thanks

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    I Have a Motor 4 You

    I have a PV motor for you if you want it. PM me if interested.


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