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    Finally finished Dock and lift for Ski's

    Here are pic of Dock and lift that has been my spring projet. The dock and lift are designed to hadle whatever Lake St. Clair can dish out.

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    that's real nice man!! very cool. What state is lake st clair?

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    Lake St Clair borders Michigan and Ontario. Gets frozen in winter so dock has to handle ice too as well as storms.
    Here are a couple more pics

    Darn thing was a lot of work and money, but it came out good and will get a lot of use. Skis and just relaxing.

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    That looks really nice!

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    Vrey Nice

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    Is that wood decking sitting on I beams Holy S@it

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    Yes, it is.
    15" I beams welded to 12" diameter steel pillings driven 20' into the bottom then filled with concrete.
    The dock is 50' long and 7' wide with a 15'x15' adjustable height "patio" section at the end.
    Decking is all 2x8 pressure treated wood, screwed to 2x6 preassure treated sleepers that are bolted to the 15" I beams.
    Lift is rated to 3000 lbs, so it has no problem lifting the 2 ski's.
    Sure beats cranking them in and out with a manual lift.

    See what happens when the wife makes a comment ("Hun, maybe we should look into putting in a dock!")

    Now if I could just add some gas pumps!!! LOL

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    That is AWESOME!

    Looks like no corners were cut on the construction.

    Steel gives me wood

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    That last picture looks straight out of a made up movie. Looks to surreal nice work. Where is this area at looks nice ?

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    This is located about 30 min from Detroit Michigan on the Canadian side of the border.
    Lake St. Clair is about 20 miles square and ranges from 3' deep to 20'
    Its part of the St. Lawrence seaway and connects to Lake Huron via the St. Clair river and Lake Erie via the Detroit river.
    The dock points dead north, so we get the summer sunsets off to the west behind the Detroit skyline 18 miles away. End of dock even has navigaion lights on it so no one strikes it at night. (gov requirment)
    Its a quiet dead end street (I'm at the end) with 50/50 Canadian and American people.
    Most days the lake had no skis on it in my area, the more west you go the busier it gets. Weekends you see more, but never crowded.
    I set up a pylon course about 300 yards out so we can run some just for fun races. There are several marinas, within 10 min in each direction and swimming is good. when the lake is still, it goes crystal clear but when it rough, it curns up bottom a bit and turns brown.
    I put all the hoist and wond togeather myself, my own design but had a contactor do all the major dock steel work.
    It was built to not interfere with anyones view, nothing is higher than the height of the breakwall but sill gets the skis 4' out of the water.

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