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    1st ride with the green wheel

    I know I don't need to tell you guys, but that Green Wheel is the bomb. It's the only mod I have for now and I still feel the extra pull. It was a great day until I sucked up this 3 inch stick that wedged itself in the impeller, I had to limp back to the dock and take the grate off and use pliers to yank it out. My wear ring suffered some minor damage, depending on how the performance still is I might have to replace it. Is it difficult to do in a RXT? the one in my GTX was a piece of cake.

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    Yes, wear ring will be about the same..
    If you can get it out & in without removing
    impeller, it will save you buying the impeller tool
    They are different for RXT vs. Older gtx's

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    Wear ring

    Put your pump in the freezer for about 30 min to an hour, your wear ring will pop right out!!

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    Once you get the pump off stick the whole pump assembly plus the new wear ring in the freezer,Leave them both in there for around 20 min or so.
    The wear ring in the pump will slide right out and the new ring should slide right in..All without removing the prop

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