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    93 sl750 premix or oil inj.

    I have a 93 sl750 should i change it to premix or leave it oil inj? What do i need to do to change it to pre mix?

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    Some owners change to pre-mix, some prefer the simplicity of fuelling with regular gasoline.

    The Polaris Fuji oil injection pumps seem to be fairly reliable. Some oil pump failures have been reported (but not that many, I think), while others have been quite happy continuing to use the oil injection.

    If there is ANY chance that you, or others, might refuel the ski and forget to pre-mix the oil, or you just don't want to be bothered pre-mixing, then I suggest you leave the oil injection operational. Check the oil hoses and cable, etc for good condition, change the oil filter.

    There are a number of threads on converting to pre-mix. Be sure to run the ski for a while with the pre-mixed fuel in the gas tank, before disconnecting the oil injection. You need the oily gasoline to already be in the carbs when you start it the first time after converting to pre-mix.

    You may also have to adjust the carbs after converting, as the oil mix displaces some fuel in the carburetor jets, and makes the gasoline slightly more viscous. Both factors can create a leaner burn condition that needs to be offset.

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    K447 is correct about the reliability of the oil pumps.. The problem is not the oil pumps but the oil lines. They will develop air bubles in them and then will cause a lack of oil to the motor.

    Oil injection works great for the rec ride that just wants to fill up and go..However I would suggest if you are going to keep oil injection you may want to check the oil lines once in a while for air bubbles and verify they have not fallen off..

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    I think with the age, I would either replace the oil pump, or go pre-mix.

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    Premix and never worry again. Unless you let someone else fill your ski up.

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