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    what is tongue weight

    hi i was just wondering what tounge weight means

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    It is the weight of the trailer at the Ball (Tongue of the trailer)

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    ok and y is it rated to a certain weight mines at 600 is that ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo8coop View Post
    ok and y is it rated to a certain weight mines at 600 is that ok
    Genearly a tounge weight should be 10% of trailer gross weight(this prevents sway with out over loading the vehicle).

    600 should be a reasonable(way more than is neede for a two ski trailer) tounge weight rating as long as it isn't right at the weight rating.

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    ill b trailering 2 ski

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    Also look at what the hitch is rated for. 600# is a lot for most hitches, you are looking at a Class IV & V hitch.

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    Actually, what the hitch is rated at is Way less important than what the vehicle is rated at wrt capacities (especially total trailer weight). You can stick a Class V hitch on the back of a Honda Insight, but that doesn't mean you're going to move a 10,000lb trailer with 1,000lb of tongue weight down the road. By the same token, a little bike rack hitch on the back of an F-450 won't do a whole lot, either. Of course, all that said, whatever you've got can probably handle 2 jet skis. But, do check your owners manual just to be sure.

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    my dads truck can tow up to 7000 lbs

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