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    Question Virage MFD malfuntion from a newbie

    I have a 2002 polaris Virage that I was getting ready for the summe it had 89.6 hours on it. I bought it last year with 68.3 hours on it. I hooked the battery charger to it without taking the battery out (Yes I already know that was stupid). Anyway the problem is I now have 553.5 hours on the MFD. Anyway to fix that? My dealer told me tough luck guess you learned a lesson. I don't know if there is a way to reset it or what, but we are trying to sell it this year to get a boat instead our family has grown and the 3 seater makes it hard to go out on the lake.

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    Some people's have somehow reset to 0 hrs,but I don't hink it can just be done,Sorta like a accident that happen to yours. I don't think I would worry about it for the sale. Anybody that knows anything about skis would know 500+ hours are not going to be put on a 2002 ski,unless maybe it'a a rental, and then the ski would be worn out and dead.

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    that happens after you hook up the battery with a charger and you sent a voltage spike to the mfd. i have seen it happen to people as they were installing the battery as is common and after a little bit of run time it will go back to 0 as stated. it just happens!


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    thanks for the help guy's. I hope it resets it would be easier to explain that. Either way it is a great little ride that will make someone very happy this summer, we sure enjoyed it last year. Just need something big enough for four now. LOL

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    You might try the MFI reset method, outlined here.

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