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Thread: 05 RXP STG 1

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    05 RXP STG 1

    Riva Stage 1 plus RR Therm, RR power pipe, filled ride plate and other bolts etc. Also modded bucket. I am turning the 14/19 r from stage 1 7850 to 7900. Air temp 90, water temp 82. My concern is this, i am turning this prop the same numbers as the stock one. I DO NOT have a GPS numbers yet but will post next week. Ski feels same to me, what rpm's should i be hoping for. Does it need tweaking? Also, i am going to jump to stage 2 plus ecu and injectors in the next few weeks but i am wondering what i should prop my ski to run right now. Is anybody turning 8000 on a riva stage 1? Thanks again

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    I have a 4" custom intake, RR pipe, reverse bucket mod and am currently running the stock impeller (15/20 is on its way) and I am turning 8150rpm's. GPS? I need to get a new one. My old one took a dump during last winters duck season.

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    with a stock ECU you want to shoot for 8100, at 8150 the computer is slowing it down and you may not be realizing all of the speed possible with the parts you have. keep adding or taking away pitch until you're at 8100.

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