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    2000 Polaris Jet Ski 1200(SLX)

    Hey guys. New to the site. Could anyone give me some pros and cons about this jet ski...2 seater or 3 seater. I know most of the specs just curious what everyone thinks of it. Thanks guys.

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    it's a two seater for sure and they run very well great machine in my opinion

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    I would love to find one here in Miami..Nice looking ski.

    check this one out:
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    i will tell you only 17yrs old and saved up and bought this ski all myself. Some of my friends got one before me ovr the winter and i didnt honestly know to much and didnt do much research. I just kind of jumped on this one and all i can say is that i was lucky and this machine rocks ! My friends 3 seater seadoo 99 gti that goes 50, smooth ride and what not but you just cant have much fun on them. Its like riding a quiet caddy on the water, only fun is when you whip on turns or tow. This 1200 thing you can beat the snot out of, hit waves, air, etc. and then trim it out to almost a 65mph topspeed. You cant get sick of it, or atleast i can ; ) Its a aggresive ride and for myself being a youngster i love it.

    I just got it a week ago and cant stop going out with it, been going 5 days straight !

    only cons i can think of it: not really good for 2 people, cant tow, gas and oil is a bit consumed. But over all i love it ! Its one of the fastest polaris out of the box pwc's major grunt. Trying throwing a 360 going even at 30, tooo much fuuunnnnn ! ! YEAH : )

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    the 1200 is a 2 stroke correct?

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    its a 2stroke triple cylinder

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    All Polaris PWC are two stroke, except for the MSX 110 and MSX150, which were sold only in 2004.

    The MSX 140 is also a 2-stroke 1200, but the engine is slightly different than all the other Polaris 1200 PWC.

    Most Polaris 2-strokes are carburetted, but the larger models from 1999 onwards (Genesis, Virage) had the option of Ficht fuel injection. The fuel injected motors produce similar power to the carb'ed models, but with better fuel economy.

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