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    Ok I just checked this place out after following a link in the forums. They do some insane stuff. The only thing is I could only find one pic of them installed. So I was hoping if there is any pics out there of them installed if you could please post them up. Im worried they might be a lil over the top. Seems like a good deal as far as price goes. So thanks in advance for any pics

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    SHO stopper palmbeach jesse's Avatar
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    that is a member of this forum.... he has done several skis here.....
    i think hes in canada...... there is another great place in florida.....
    its called , they are doing my ski right now....
    Ill post pics asap....should be done friday...

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    I thought he was a member...if anybody runs across him could you send him in the way of this thread. I would love to check out some pics.

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    The ski's have taken a "backseat" to the Corvette DarthAWM's Avatar
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    You are talking about Pete(SideFX). He made some nice decals a little while back for some members, I even have a couple. I plan on using his work when I redo my XP in the near future.

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    Cool I might shot him a pm. In the mean time if you guys run across any pics post them up

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    ttt the top in hopes of some pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balance_Fighter View Post
    ttt the top in hopes of some pics

    What are you looking for pictures of? Full kits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_viper42 View Post
    What are you looking for pictures of? Full kits?
    Full/partail I would just like to see some of his work on a ski itself

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    At this point id like to see any custom decal work so please post up

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    Greenhulk Grasshopah (DRC) HallPass's Avatar
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    yeah, he's a member.. I can never get ahold of him.. I think he's a pretty busy guy ( jet ski detailing )

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