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    1988 Wave Jammer

    I just got my first jet ski, it's a 1988 Wave jammer. The motor I have for it came out of a 1989 Wave Runner, my father-in-law says the motor ran two years ago, but had absolutely no power. He assumes that it has a blown headgasket. He pulled the engine out of the Wave runner the summer before last and left it sitting out, and now the engine doesn't turn at all. My deal with him was I pulled the running engine out of the wave jammer and install it in the wave runner, and I got the wave jammer hull and the bad engine. I'm pretty sure I can soak the cylinder with ATF for a few days to get it to break loose again, but I'm not 100% sure that my father in law is correct in saying that the head gasket is blown. Does that even happen in these 2 stroke engines? If so, that could be the reason that it lost all power, but is there possibly anything else I should be weary about on this engine? (the 500cc).
    I was aslso curious as to if anyone could inform me how much it might cost me to get this thing registered once I get it running-- I'l also have to apply for lost title or something, the guy that my father in law bought these things off of never produced the titles for them.

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    Yes the headgasket can be blown. The only thing you would loose is compression. You said the engine doesn't turn over, so I doubt you only got an blown gasket. It seems more that you are looking at an total engine rebuild. It's better to pull the engine apart and take a look at the crankshaft. Using ATF I woudn't recommend. Better use an thiner penetration oil like WD-40 or something like that. If it's only the piston that got stuck you loose it up and change the rings and keep on riding. If it's the crank, get an rebuild. they loose up but it last mabye one ride or three and then blow up. I believe that you can still get parst for that engine since yamaha doesn't produce them anymore since 1993. You can also check with SBT for an new rebuild engine. You have to send yours as an core. This is their website: I believed they cost about $750. You can also look on E bay for engines. I would place an 650 in it. It fits perfectly. I believe you only have to drill some holes for the electricial box. Let us know. Oh yeah, the other thing you should look at is the subshaft to the jet pump. They tend to twist over time. As for the registration, I don't live in the US, and here in Aruba we don't have such things. We just go to the maritime office with an picture and a proof of ownership. Get a number for it and keep on riding.
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    Thanks for the info-- the reason it doesn't turn over is because it's frozen-- it's sat for a year outside of the hull. I'm hoping that it's only a blown head gasket, that seems to be an easy enough repair to do. At least easier than the headgasket job I had on a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am-- that was a real headache. As for the subshaft-- that is that rubber bushing thing that connects between the engine and the jet right? If so, the one that came from the Wave Runner (where the bad engine came from) was worn a bit, but it stayed on the Wave Runner. The one from my wave jammer is in excellent shape, so that is at least ONE part that I won't have to replace.
    Aruba huh? I went to college at Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater, TX back in 2001, I had a friend named Georgina who was from there. She showed me some pics of that place, it's beautiful there!

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    wr 500/wj 500 engine and pump components are pretty much the same thru the 91 model year...I'd take the motor down... I have been able to 'free up' a few seized 500's to get em apart, but have not had one that i'd say could have run very long with out fresh or inspected/reconditioned parts .. as to the intermediate shaft 'twist'? ..never saw one actually 'twisted'.. I'm thinking this warning is in checking the spline's having worn out(SPUN)... the shafting, (3 parts) ,are actually 2 splined drive units with the rubber coupler in the middle (one at the front at the crank /stub shaft,the other at the intermediate /pump shaft)...... now its true that your pump shaft could be twisted if it injested a solid and then locked the pump, as its the longest 'thin' part of the drive unit..

    I'd pull it down .. gasket sets are pretty cheap on ebay...
    motors... I have seen advertized in running condition ,going for around 200.00+shipping ..

    let me know what you find, I may have some hard parts you may need
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    title's.. some states dont issue em for smaller water craft.. you may be able to title it with a valid bill of sale.

    check your states dmv or bmv website ..I contacted a former owner 1000 miles away and obtained a valid bill of sale to title with ...
    (FYI,florida is a title state, indiana is a registration state, for the 500)

    there is a service that will hunt down a title's/ ownership and is then able to issue a lost title .. check ebay motors under title or registration..

    (a fellow i know has used em twice now on restored motorcycles with excellent results)

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