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Thread: 15f sponson

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    15f sponson

    which ones are you guys using, if any and for what kind of riding ? any input advise on riva, worx, rd, beach house etc etc

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    Im running the BH...on my stxr with my own sponson paddle. made of G-10 which are way thinner paintable and dont flex in turns.

    Most I think are using the BH because of the amount of adjustable settings you get.

    I ride mostly rec now aggressivly, but plan on attending a couple amatuer races this year. But done with the whole race season thing.

    If I have friends or my wife I set it alittle less aggressive before we head out.

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    for the 15f, I would say I've seen most with the Riva ones...Chowski did a good write-up a while back on comparing the BH vs Riva vs Stock

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    Worx. Great for CC Racing. Havn´t tried any of the other ones though.

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