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    Angry Gsx Bogging Problem!! Help Me

    Hey guys!!!! my friend got a GSX 1997 800.... we rebuilt the carbs and cleaned the fuel lines.. our issue is major "bogging" and the ski cuts off.. took it back to the lake... same thing... any ideas were to start thanks guys

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    How did you "clean" the fuel lines?

    How did the internal carb filters look when you rebuilt the carbs?

    Did you clean the fuel selector valve?

    Did you replace the carb parts rebuild, or spray and blow them out with carb cleaner / compressed air rebuild AND replace the carb internals?

    There is a, I think, a rectifier issue that can cause a bog... I forget that test, but I think it involves disconnecting a red wire in the front electrical box.

    Are your rave valves clean, bellows on?

    What RPM does it bog at? Is it a constant, for sure bog at the same RPM, or is it intermittent at diff. RPMS?

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    Refer to this thread you already started regarding this ski.

    Until you rebuild the carbs, don't waste our time starting multiple threads...

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