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    Ultra 150 hull full of water?

    If anyone can help!!!! I have taken my ultra out 2 times this year, both times after about 3o min the hull has what looks like 10 gallons of water. I took the seat off on the water to see where it was coming from, I cannot see anything. Also, both times the ski has been out, the warning light and battery light on dash have been flashing. Can anyone please help? Thanks

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    Try checking across the battery with a volt meter while the ski motor is running, you sould have 12.5 volts or more. Also check inside the relay box, make sure its not full of water. Usually running it with the seat off you should be able to see where its comming from. You might try running on a hose and see if you find the leak. Try looking arround the cooling log.

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    I had a leak in my midshaft holder and then one in my cooling log. You can only see the leak if they aer running and there is pressure on them.

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