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    no spark on number 1...

    I bought this ski awhile back guy said it had no spark on number one checked it out yeah no spark meanwhile found motor was blown so I did a rebuild got it all put back together with and I also changed out CDI with one guy pulled it out of his after 10 hours to put in a aftermarket one,
    To sum it up

    The coil pack has been replace and is working (i switched the number number two and number one and the spark then be on 1 and 3 and not two). So all three coil packs are good.

    I tried two different cdi's and both give me no spark on number 1

    So my assumption is there is no signal coming out of the number one wire out of the cdi, what else could it be other then the cdi?

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    What model and year?

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    Have you check the stator?????

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    have not checked the stator yet, lookin for the test now

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    checked wires they are all good through so I guess next step is to order the pickups..... next question is do you just solder them in there? and same process for removal...

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    Have you checked the spark at the coil?

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    If you are talking about the coil pack yes i held it and cranked it over (to see if there was anything but got nothin) I also traded wires around to check to see if my coil pack was bad but they are all good. Also tried a different cdi with the same results, still no signal coming out of the number one wire out of the cdi so I assume there is no signal coming in and have some people telling me its probably one of the pickups on the flywheel case... if anyone knows how to test them that would be awesome I may go check and see what numbers I get anyway since there isnt much to hook to.

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    Ok I just ohmed out the three pickups came up with 306 308 0..... so i guess the 0 is probably the problem

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    check w john @ jet ski solutions he can rewind stator coils/pick ups
    and has great turn around

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