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    RXT skeg results...

    I hit the water today...beautiful out there.

    L 66
    E 90
    calm - slight breeze

    68.5 @ 7800-7850

    Personally, my opinion the results are inconclusive....the temps have risen to the point that my base line has got to have changed.

    I did like the way they made the ski cut....coming off a wake and hitting it back into the next one was very quick...that'll take a bit of getting used to or I'm in for a big surprise when the lake wakes up.

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    I love my skegs. Best bang for the buck. The RE's were a great addition but for the money it's hard to beat the skegs for improved handling.

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    I agree...
    The SKEGS make the RXT much more stable and easier to predict.

    but with that being said:
    The last time MID LIFE CRISIS 2 was out, I was running a combination of speed runs and twistys without SKEGS:

    I enjoyed the twistys better without the SKEGS because I was able to get the BIG BUTT of the RXT to slide, thus making twisty turns easier and faster.

    The Speed runs were a different story, I definately noticed the BIG BUTT more unstable at speed than with the SKEGS.

    sooo, I guess it's more what you're riding preference is...
    Check my sig, I'm actually going welded TRI-SKEG...


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