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    overheating I think....

    I have a 96 polaris 780 that runs great for about 15 minutes then stalls after a short cool down fires right back up any suggestions on how to stop this. I'm sure its something small.. I'm just not a pwc mechanic.. thanks for the imputs..

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    How does the stall begin? Slowly losing RPM then stops? Or does it just shut off?

    Next time it does it, check for spark.

    Does your MFD work? Is the grey wire hooked up if it does? This should tell you if you'rer overheating and limit your RPM when hooked up properly.

    Try backflushing the cooling system to remove any possible obstructions. Be sure to inspect the screen inside the jet pump venturi, that's the intake for the cooling system.

    Test the thermostat in a boiling pot of water to see if it opens.

    Maybe pull the head to inpsect for score marks. If it's overheated, you may have a damaged piston and/or cylinder walls.

    Compression test may also help determine if cylinder damage has occured.
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    All that^^^^^ plus check your tank vents.

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    thanks I will check it out in a few days my mom just gave me this ski and its the info she gave me that it stalls. I will narrow it down. thanks again also can I test this on a trailer with a hose or should I lake test it..

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    You can run it on a garden hose, but if you're looking for an overheat problem, I'd lake test it. It's not good to run it on the hose for too long. And please don't rev it out of the water.

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    How is the hose that runs between the exhaust pipe and the water box?
    If it's really soft or has bubbles you probably have a water restriction.
    If the unit has been parked or setting for awhile, I'd pull the carbs and clean them (pay particular attention to the filters).

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