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    SX-15F Died today

    2nd time on on the water, bought it brand new last week. Everything was great. I stopped to talk to a friend for a few seconds. Went to take off, gave it the gas, and nothing, it would not go. Engine ran great and revved fine, but it would not go but 5-10 MPH. Towed it in slowly, 5 mph. When we went to trailer it, the overheat and oil light came on, and throttle tried to lock up. I am glad I went nrew and have a warranty. Any ideas what could have happened? THX!!

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    Sounds like what happened to me two days ago. 2008 15F, 4 hrs. Ski was running great. Stopped to enjoy the sunshine and when I went to take off, ski revved up, but would not move forward. Slowly headed toward shore and overheat light came on. Stopped. Draged ski to a small beach, rolled the back end on a small tree trunk, cleared out the intake, and ski ran perfect......................Sounds like you sucked something up into the impeller; at least that's what happened to me. Hope that's all it is.

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