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    Tx Lake Resorts?

    OK guys....Looking for a family vacation in TX for our summer vacation. #1 priority has to be kid/family friendly. Maybe a beach area(lake beach for the kid), nice hotel for the wife, and a big parking lot for the ski? You guys hit me up with names of places to stay so I can fish them up on google and possibly show the wife some pics. I know you guys will follow through. THANX, JOE

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    If, (and I do mean "if") you can find a place on Buchanan or any of the highland lakes I recommend it.

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    Ok...I'll check around. Also a nice pool for the 4yr would be nice. I need enough kill time for them so I can ski for a couple hours then come back and do whatever with the family. Any others?

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    You might want to check around Austin and see what is available around Lake Travis. The bigger "tourist" areas are usually going to be around San Antonio, Austin, Dallas has a few good lakes, lots of stuff to do, the problem is in Dallas there really aren't many "beaches" to speak of. Check into the areas around East Texas, it's pretty scenic there and you might be able to find some good hotels but I don't know anything off hand.

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    Our family goes every year. we have 3 kids and our neighbors bring their kids. we/they love it.

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