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    How to pick up the GPR with a hoist???

    I was wandering what you guys have in mind. I am in the process of building a huge shop/garage (40X75) and I am thinking of putting a chain hoist that runs on a trolley through the center of the building.

    I am always changing trailers, swapping boats around so what is the best way to pick up a ski with a chain hoist? One time I saw a setup that grabbed the ski up under the trim (where the two hulls meet) on both sides. They had a chain or band tied to the U shaped piece that slide in under the trim. The chains were connected to an overhead hoist. Looked like it worked really well.

    Does anyone sell something like this or was this piece handmade???

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    you mean something like this
    overtons sell them

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    i looked into the same thing.

    overton's sells them too.

    i never completed the project but it seems like finding the center of gravity would be the only hard part.

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    And to think I had torn the Overtons catalog apart looking for this. Thanks...

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    go on ebay or somewhere else Riva is ridiculous in pricing! I havent even look does jerry sell them in his store?

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    Overtons wants like 120 for the 1000 pound one, 70 for the 700 pound model.

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