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    Debri in pump, engine revs, ski vibrates and goes nowhere

    I have been reading these threads for a while today but want to get some opinions on my situation. I picked up an 2007 RXP yesterday and immediately went to the lake for a quick trip before i extract the SC's and send them to Jerry for the ceramic washer switch. I was cruising along slowly and all of a sudden the ski revved and slowed to about 2 miles an hour. I immediately shut the engine off and then started it again and the same things happened- idles fine, then when throttle bursts are applied ski revs goes nowhere and vibrates. I idled back to the dock and put the ski on the trailer and spotted some wood trapped in the prop. I have read about pulling the pump removing the debri and checking the wear ring, is this sufficient? How can switching the wear ring around if it is worn solve the problem? is it possible to self install a stainless wear ring and is this advisable? Where is the best place to get a prop tool? Any info would be great guys. I have a stand up and did the same thing and it shredded a rubber cuppler between the engine and the prop shaft so i want to make sure this has not happened again.

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    Same exact thing happened to me Friday. I'm hoping it's the same cause as yours though (debris in the pump). To install a stainless wearring simply put it in the freezer for approx. a 1/2 hour and it should slide into the pump with a little twisting and turning. There's a good thread on it in the how-to's. For the prop tool, go to the link on the left sidebar that says "online store" and you will find it under Seadoo props.

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    This happened to me today for the first time. Potomac River (Leeslyvania State Park) its been raining real hard here in Northern VA and the river was filled with all types of crap. i spotted a couple of logs floating by that would have been not good. anyway, i just cracked 3 hours and i did a nice burst WOT and felt like an earthquake. i had suspected i picked something up right away....however, my girlfriend dropped me off at the river and i had no way to get it out of the water...for an hour i sat. now i need to figure out how to pull the pump.

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    tcbrown, welcome to the board!

    pull the pump and remove the wood and survey the situation. flipping the wear ring is often done to use the un-used portion of it where the prop doesn`t utilize that area. But since you would need to remove it, and the ski is new, I would just replace the wear ring and start fresh. I`m not 100% sure if you have the tight fitting wear ring, shibby would know...

    you can get the correct prop tool here in the GH online store...

    stainless wear rings are great! last forever. several things they don`t like, rocks and debris. rocks will cause heavy pump/prop damage if ingested, I know...

    if your riding area has alot of floating sticks wood, or you have shallow areas, I would stick with the plastic wear ring. JMHO...
    Good luck let us know what you find!...

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    welcome to the forum tcrbown

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    thanks. I'll access the damage and fire off some more questions.

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    This happens to me at least twice per year. I've pulled my jet pump while in some pretty precarious positions on the river.

    I don't think any of the mod's mentioned will actually prevent the debris from lodging in the impeller. Our impellers use a "sweep" design like this:

    as opposed to a "chopper" design like this:

    As you can see, the sweep design is more likely to wedge debris between the prop and the wear ring. It's also a faster prop, so it's a compromise.

    I've thought about trimming the front edge corner into a 90 deg edge like the chopper design to prevent it from grabbing trash, but chickened out because I don't want to ruin a prop.


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    thanks for the help. I pulled the pump, unlodged the debri, checked the wear ring - which was fine. Everything ran great, it might have taken 25 minutes.

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    Welcome to the HULK !!!! let that be a lesson to you and dont start these ski's in shallow water. they will suck up anything in the area. Lucky for you it was a piece of wood and not rocks. There are a couple threads around that show some major damage to the wear rings and the props do to things getting sucked up. Try the the SEARCH function at the top of the page, you will find just about anything you can think of.

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    I was in about 35 feet of water, the debri had to have been floating and it was to small to see in the water. just bad luck.

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