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    yamaha GP1200 wants to flip while riding with 2 people

    Whats up everyone,

    i got a question. Evertime i ride my waverunner alone it feels stable. But the minute i put my girlfriend on it, it wants to flip. This only feels like that when were barley moving or if im turning around very slow. Is it supose to feel this way? Were always scared we might flip when were just sitting on it. If waves were around, it worse!!! So i need to do something different? Do i need to modify something? Thanks!

    BTW i weigh 170lbs and she weighs 125Lbs...

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    They are narrow, and though called a two seater really aren't. These are hard enough to cruise slow (no wake) on by yourself.

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    do others agree? Is there anything i can do to stabalize it better? There has to be other people on here that have an opinion???

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    Welcome to the GH forum and it sounds like, welcome to the world of watercraft. Bill summed it up nicely for you.

    Both the GP and GPR style watercraft are very tippy with 2 folks idling and at slow speeds. Of course with the listed weight of you and your sweety, I would think you can learn pretty quickly how to deal with this at low speeds. If your normally ride this way, then you might want to look into getting some really large watercraft, that is at least 10 ft long, instead of the 2 seater GP or GPR.
    These watercraft are more sporty and are made to be ridden hard, and usually with only 1 person, occasionally with 2. Not only are they tippy, but are a rather harsh ride with 2up. Like I said, you can and do learn how to ride it this way. In return you own a very sporty, good handling watercraft. Once you go larger, they tend to turn more like a boat. Apples and Oranges.

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    Get an XLT or tell your old lady she needs to lose some weight. Please report back with her answer. Ha! Ha! Hope it goes well for you. - Just kidding

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    nature of the beast.

    4 options:

    1) Go faster
    2) get smaller GF
    3) bigger ski
    4) get GF her own ski

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    Should try riding a waveblaster if you want something unstable.

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    hahahaha good responses. Well definitly not getting another girl and it sux that i have to deal with the tipping issue. I guess we just have to get used to it. GP1200 rocks tho! Can it pull a tube or is that also not recommended?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harsh94blu View Post
    Can it pull a tube or is that also not recommended?

    Others will say you shouldn't tow with one, and also some local laws state you cant tow with a two seater, but i own a Gpr and have towed with it with no problems for over 100 hours , i have towed both single and double ski's, two double skiers, upto 3 single tubes, wakeboard, disks, upto 3 kneeboards, even a bathtub once with two people in it lol ..

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    sounds good guys, guess i cant pull unless i have mirrors on it, so that sux!! Wonder if i can find mirrors i can attach to thehandle bars like a motorcycle?? lol...

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