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    Need someone at a SD dealers help

    im trying to get a few YELLOW replacement parts for my 98 XPL conversion boat.
    I bought the seat sides and handle from riva but the rear handle came in BLACK.. riva says that the yellow was discontinued and the part number superseeds to 269000434(black)
    I know somewhere some dealer has these new parts sitting on a self in YELLOW..
    im really worried now about dropping $300 on the hood stuff if its not going to be the COLOR i ordered..

    the parts i want are for the 2001 XP
    269000650 HANDLE-GRAB
    269500799 COVER-STOR.TOP
    269500801 COVER-STOR.LOW
    269500794 HOUSING-RH.
    269500795 HOUSING-LH.
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    I'll be very surprised if you find a dealer who stocks any kind of body parts. They seem to order that kind of stuff on demand. I certainly Would'nt tie up inventory dollars that way. Good luck finding your part's.


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    I checked for you but I dont have a new Handle but I do have a used rear handle. let me know if you are interested?

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