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    Seadoo 2 stroke mix

    My friend jsut got a 1997 gsx and xp... the dealer said you HAVE to use the Seadoo 2 stroke mix or the enigne will blow up or cause bogging problems.. is this true???? if it is that seadoo mix its 44.00 its stupid..
    any help would be wonderful

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    you will find that oil is one of the biggest discussions on any jetski board.
    do a search on here and you will see what I mean.
    as for me I have been using both seadoo synthetic and mercury synthetic in my skis and thus far no problems.
    in the end it's really up to you.

    I'm using different oils in my skis: in my 97GTX I'm using the mercury synthetic because it's what was in the ski when I bought it it, and when I bought it it has a rebuilt motor with only 11 hours on it and I used it all last year and still havn't run a tank of oil thru it...

    my 93 xp I just converted it to pre-mix with the mercury synthetic oil but I used the seadoo synthetic in it up until the conversion....and this ski has been running for 15yrs with no work done on the internals!!

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    wow i just run what i can get my hands on in my ultra.. opps.. sometimes you dont have a choice if your on on the lake.. i will tell him that... humm do you know were you buy it in bulk?

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