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    discontinued rpm guage for 99 xp limited

    Hey whats up everyone, well I got another quick question that i wanted to ask now that i'm here. I recently had to replace the guages on my ski. Some wise guy came into my brother's back yard where i had the ski and since they could'nt take it they broke the guages on my ski. Well to make a long story short, I already got the vts guage, the speedo, and the fuel guage replaced on the ski. But it turns out the rpm guage is discontinued from seadoo. Does anyone out there know of any site on the internet where I can get that guage? Oh and by the way if there is anyone else that has this similar issue with their guages, be ready cuz those guages are not cheap.

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    check the classifieds for people parting out skiis. ebay is also your friend.

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    I have a couple...


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