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    Fuel problem here...

    Got some sorta fuel issue here! I'll start with what I know for sure, but this problem's really kickin my [email protected]@!

    1) 1993 GTX 587...5860 model
    2) Had bad gas ran through the carbs, not gummy...just not "good octane" and got rid of the old crap, replaced with fresh fuel
    3) Replaced ALL diaphrams, Fuel Pump and both Fuel Control Diaphrams
    4) Spark is good, compression is good, rotary valve looks good new plugs
    5) Ski starts and runs what appears "normal" but misses a little...nothing dramatic
    6) Put it in the lake yesterday, no won't get to top speed at all and first cylinder gets hot, second (PTO) stays cold.
    7) First plug fouls quickly, in #1 cylinder, #2 doesn't
    Carb adjustments don't seem to work

    --I'm thinking carb rebuild time, but as last resort...anyone one have ideas here??? I'm fresh out! Have had this ski goin on 15 years now and this is the first major problem with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markymark30 View Post

    --I'm thinking carb rebuild time,
    Ya think....

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    Yeah...well I'm new to this carb rebuild thing...never done it on a two stroke! Just wanna cover my bases...make sure I'm not overlooking something obvious! I trust everyone's experience around I thought I'd ask before I jump in! LOL

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    how were the fuel lines? if they are the grey ones you might want to start there. they are notorious for turning to sh!t on the inside and then they plug up the little fuel filters in the carbs.

    as for rebuilding the carbs it's very simple I just did all four on my skis and it's pretty easy as a matter of fact it takes longer to get them off the skis then to rebuild them, I would also change out the needles and seats too....
    2 tools you should get
    1st a compression tester to check out the cyllinders
    2nd a pop off gauge to test the carbs after the rebuild.

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    Seadoo didnt start using chitty (tempo) fuel lines till 1994.

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